Low prices!
We offer reliable shells at low prices! Why pay more when you can get the same quality for cheaper?

Technical support
We respond to your inquieries and needs within 4 hours.


Fast Setup!
All paypal verified accounts are setup within 4 hours of payment. We do not accept unverified accounts.

Other Shell packages
Please contact us if you are looking for a sepecifc account with more/less space or background processes. We offer great prices on larger accounts!

BGP Routing
BGP gurantees better uptimes and less connectivity issues for our customers.


To view the vhost list, please email support.

The following are the current ispeeds' servers as of Feb 2016:

Server A : Athlon
Intel Xeon Quad core @3.6GHz

FreeBSD 9.3-stablle
Location: Chicago, IL
Fully DDoS protected
256 IPs
Network Information:
Gigabit connections with He.net, XEEX, XO Communications, TISCALI, and Verio (50 gbit total)
Highest Record Uptime: >400 days















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